1. Mercy

A small blue rock,

Spinning through infinity,

One of countless millions

Dancing to gravity’s

Stern, steady, unrelenting beat.

And yet this rock hears another music too,

Vibrates to life’s quick pulse, 

Sings life’s

Joyful, tender, fleeting song.

If mercy, kindness and compassion can be found

In all the dark infinity,

Search for them here,

Upon this small, blue, spinning rock.


2. Glory

All through the limitless reaches of space

Right to the uttermost pinpricks of light

We can look up;

Into the crystals and minerals and rocks

Into the layers and depths of the earth

We can look down.

We can observe, we can measure,

We can calculate, we can speculate

And it’s amazing.

Through countless ages and aeons of time,

And to the birth of the cosmos itself

We can look back;

Across the astounding assortment of life on the earth,

And to the mountains and rivers

And forests and cities

And oceans and deserts and plains

We can look round.

Into the chemical secrets of life,

Into the genes that make up who we are,

Into the tiniest fragments of dust,

Into a singular quantum of light

We can look in.

So much is understood,

So  much is yet to be learned,

But all of it is amazing.

3. Truth    (click here for an explanation of the names)

Thales, Archimedes, Galileo Galilei,

Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton,

Edward Jenner Michael Faraday,

Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur,

James Clerk Maxwell, Nikola Tesla,

Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Otto Hahn,

Niels Bohr, Edwin Hubble, Paul Dirac,

Alan Turing, Ernest Rutherford,

James Watson, Rosalind Franklin,

Francis Crick, Stephen Hawking.

These are the names of some of the people

Who taught us to understand our Universe,

And each of them believed

That light is better than darkness,

That truth is better than falsehood,

That knowledge is better than ignorance,

I believe that too.


4. Sun

O Sun!

Ra, Inti, Helios, Sol.

Light-Sender, Heat-Giver, Food-Grower,

Life-Kindler, Seed-Warmer, Fire-Starter,

Planet-Spinner, Storm-Blower, Cloud-Painter,

Shadow-Maker, Time-Teller, Night-Chaser,

Flare-Thrower, Sea-Stirrer, Bud-Waker,

Snow-Melter, Stone-Splitter, Fog-Lifter.

Ordinary star though you are,

A rather small glowing ball

In the universal scheme, 

Without your life-giving glow 

We would not be here at all

To dream.

Ni, Kuat, surya, Tamanuiterā.

O Sun!


5. Peace

A small ship

Slides through the silence of space,

It weaves an un-steerable course.

And we, its crew, what must we do,

But tend the ship, help each other,

And try to enjoy the journey in peace?

Copyright (c) 2017 Ian Assersohn