Ionian Mass - movements

The work is in five movements, mirroring the traditional sections of the Mass.

1. Mercy. This mirrors the 'Kyrie' movement (Lord, have mercy on us). A view of Earth from space, echoing Carl Sagan's description of Earth as photographed by the Voyager spacecraft: a "Pale Blue Dot".

2. Glory. This mirrors the traditional 'Gloria' movement. A hymn to the wonders of science and discovery.

3. Truth. Mirrors the 'Credo' movement. A procession of scientists is counterpointed with a statement of belief in Enlightenment values.

4. Sun. Mirrors the 'Sanctus' movement. A hymn to the Sun as the source of our power and sustainer of life.

5. Peace. Mirroring the traditional 'Agnus Dei/Dona Nobis Pacem' sequence, this movement references the 'Spaceship Earth' idea of Canadian Philosopher Marshal McLuhan and ends with a gentle plea for peace.